About us

Technomask (patent-pending) is a completely new concept which combines the advantages offered by a variety of solutions on the market: transparent as visors, repellent as plexiglass, soft as medical masks, washable and reusable as fabric masks.


Since its foundation in 2013, the Italian fashion group we represent has concentrated on the specialized processing of fabrics, leather and plastic materials, using the latest process technologies: hot laser, cold laser, machine and hand embroidery, needle embroidery, ultrasound, 3D printing, adhesive tape, heat sealing, lamination, coating, special underwear processing, screen printing, digital printing, sublimation printing.

With 2600 square metres of space, the group carries out projects for the most important international fashion brands.

The group has 40 employees and serves a chain of over 100 partners.




It is expected that the consumption of disposable masks will exceed several billion units by the end of the year. What happens to these masks after use?

The question of environmental compatibility arises - the world is flooded with large quantities of disposable masks. How much more sensible is it to use safe and reusable masks instead of producing billions of items that end up in waste, on the roadside or in water?

Technomask is easy to clean and robust.

Simply clean it with soap and water and use it repeatedly. Our masks are designed so that people like to wear them, because the masks are comfortable and easy to use.