Why Children Need To Wear Transparent Face Masks

Frequent handwashing, social distancing, and the use of face mask can significantly limit the transmission of COVID-19. Many countries are advising citizens to constantly wear face masks any time they are in public. Small particles or aerosols released by coughs, sneezes, and laughs are the primary means of transmission of COVID-19. Aerosols are easily dispersed in the tube, buses, and airplanes. Masks contribute to preventing the resurgence of COVID-19 cases. Until an effective vaccine is available, we need to do everything necessary to limit the transmission. However, the constant use of face masks has caused certain problems, especially for children.


Accurate Communication

     Visual cues of communication can be obscured by face masks or a face shield. During verbal communication, we also observe facial gestures, eyes, and lip movements shown by other people. It is possible for us to fail in obtaining accurate information during such communication. Because COVID-19 is highly infectious and the subsequent resurgence of cases is always a possibility in many countries, wearing masks will become the new norm for many. In fact, it’s considered inappropriate for someone to not wear a face mask while they are in public spaces. This situation may represent problems in many situations and locations, as an example, when children are in school.

Facial Expressions 

     Children need to rely on facial expressions when communicating with one another. Transparent face masks are excellent solutions to restore proper communication and keep children safe against possible infection. Right now, many parents are still unaware about the availability of transparent face masks and how they can benefit children. Parents should be educated about the benefits that children can get from transparent face masks so they can readily accept these masks as readily as the classroom standard.

Teacher And Student Interaction

     Teacher and student interaction are crucial in any classroom learning process. Our face displays rich information about our mental state and our mood. Next to words, facial expressions are another essential means of communication. For teachers, the facial expressions of their students can be used as valuable feedback and this is where transparent face masks can be especially useful. Teachers can more easily adjust the pace of the learning process to ensure that students can absorb the information. For students, this will help them to learn better, because teachers can better understand their emotions and identify their level of comprehension. Simple feedback like curled lips, wrinkled forehead and raised eyebrows can be extremely useful inputs in learning process.

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