Important Reasons Why We Need More Clear Face Masks In Retail

Face masks are necessary in places where physical distancing isn’t practical. If someone has to interact with the general public each day such as in a retail environment, they need to wear protective gear all the time. However, having a partially obscured face tends to affect the way we communicate with one another. Clear face masks are an excellent alternative to solve many potential problems.

Clear Face Masks Help Deaf People To Communicate- deaf people need to read lips to communicate. When people wear regular face masks, it is not possible for deaf people to get the message. Opaque face masks may obscure facial expressions and visual cues, which are crucial for those who want to communicate. It will be harder for people with hearing problems to distinguish words that sound almost similar but with different meanings. Clear face masks should prevent any breakdown in communication because they restore visual aspects of verbal communication.

Clear Face Masks Are More Sustainable- because you can wash and reuse clear face masks, they are a much more sustainable alternative to traditional cloth face masks.

Clear Face Masks Minimize Miscommunication- even for people with perfect hearing, face masks could impede communication, because voices are more muted and much of the visual expressions are not visible. Miscommunication can be dangerous in professional fields. It is easier to prevent financial, medical, or engineering errors, if people can see more visual cues. Seeing lips movements may make a huge difference between proper understanding and preventable accidents. Because the volume and quality of speech degrade, people may tend to talk closer, which defeats the purpose of physical distancing. Half of verbal communication is visual. Empathetic communication is crucial and it can be extremely helpful if people can see us smile.

Clear Face Masks Are Ideal For Travelling- clear face masks are ideal for travelling because they stand up better to rigorous packing and long term use.

Clear Face Masks Allow Facial Recognition- although face masks help to minimize the transmission of coronavirus, they also prevent facial-recognition technology from working. Even the most accurate facial recognition system may consistently fail to recognize an individual, with failure rate of up to 50%. At the moment, facial recognition technology is used mostly by mobile devices and biometric authorization for building access. Facial recognition systems for identification purposes can be rendered ineffective because they need to quickly identify multiple people using special cameras. Clear face masks make it easier for the algorithm to recognize various visual cues.

Clear Face Masks Are More Hygienic- cloth medical masks can trap bacteria and germs, reducing their effectiveness and their life span. Clear face masks are more hygienic because you can wash and sanitize them more effectively.

Clear Face Masks Can Easily Be Cleaned With Water And Soap- when your clear face mask becomes dirty, it can be easily cleaned using standard soap and water.

Clear Face Masks Are More Economical- clear face masks are much more economical in the long run for businesses than medical masks. This is because clear face masks are safer to reuse, they are more hygienic, and they are easily cleaned with soap and water.

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