And The Winner Is…Technomask

Technomask recently won an award for their innovation. In an awards event held in Rome on 4 DEC, representatives of national and European institutions, parliamentarians, entrepreneurs, managers and the business world, medical-scientific societies, and young innovators, received praise and attention for the work they did throughout this incredibly challenging year. The 3rd annual award event, named the ANGI 2020 Award, highlights the achievements of some of the industry’s most brilliant minds, including the team at Technomask.

The Italian “Oscar” For Innovation

     Upon receiving the Italian “Oscar” For Innovation, a prize under the patronage of the European Parliament and Commission, the Italian Government and Ministry of Health awarding among other managers, doctors and health care professionals involved in the fight against Covid-19, Technomask knew that having their passion and commitment recognized by such an esteemed group of industry professionals would be a benchmark for the company. So what was the product that earned Technomask such high praise? Their high quality transparent and hygienic face mask, of course.

Benefits Of The Technomask Customisable Transparent Face Mask

     Technomask transparent, permeable, washable, reusable, customisable face masks offer users a wide range of benefits. Designed for the deaf and hard of hearing, teachers, retail workers, and anyone who deals with the public on a daily basis, the clear Technomask covers the wearer’s nose and mouth, making interacting with others easier and much more effective.

     The high quality transparent and hygienic face masks are manufactured using a soft, lightweight synthetic membrane which enables anyone to comfortably wear it all day long without any of the problems associated with traditional cloth masks. With a Technomask laser cut, water-repellent, slightly elastic clear face mask, there is no sweating, no fogging of your glasses, no mask lines across your face and no discomfort. The innovative Technomask face mask really is the perfect mask in these challenging times.

Technomask customisable transparent face masks are:

·      Ergonomic And Light

·      Permeable

·      Disinfectable

·      Water-Repellent

·      Washable & Sustainable

·      Kind To The Skin

·      Durable & Easy-Care

·      Customizable 

     If you want all day comfort, choose the only transparent face mask that has won an award for innovation, choose Technomask.

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     To learn more about current mask regulations and the quality and suitability of today’s mask solutions, contact Technomask today.

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